rose are yellow
tulip are pink
they’re sweet n lovely
so are you
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Please :)

i’ll smile cuz i like to smile..=)

i’ll smile cuz i like to smile..=)

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1. A baby
2. A second chance
3. Sex
4. Kiss
5. Friendship
6. To chill
7. To cuddle
8. A long term relationship
9. A good laugh
10. An apology
11. A hug
12. Be my bitch
13. Be my sex buddy
14. Simply to be mine
15. ME. YOU. SEX. NOW. 

wont post, just curious

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many direction have different ending but one direction will lead you to a better place..
nice guys finish last had proven to me..even tho i try to proven that nice guys dont finish last..
One day, you’ll realize..


  • I tried my best to show you something different.
  • I loved you with all of my heart and more.
  • I would’ve done anything in the world for you.
  • I never did anything that others suspected me of doing.
  • I just wanted to feel appreciated for who I was.

But, that one day when you finally understand what I was all about, 

I’m not gunna be there anymore. By that time, I’d have already moved on. 

He’s a keeper if he can
  • Put up with my constant bitching
  • Put up with my complaining
  • Put up with my crying and bi-polar attitude
  • Let me vent to him
  • Hold me tight and not say anything
  • Not judge me
  • Calm me down
  • Tell me the truth
  • Know me well enough
  • Does not cheat
  •  I can trust
  • Let’s me go wild and can control me.
Patience is the key